This submission is prepared by Uniting Communities, a large Uniting Church based community service organisation in South Australia, providing about 100 different services. Uniting Communities has prepared this submission on as a member of the UnitingCare Australia network, over 650 different organisations, separately incorporated; providing services in just about every geographic corner of Australia.

Our input is driven by the experiences of thousands of individuals, families and communities with whom we work through services including financial counselling, aged care services, disability services, homelessness support services, Lifeline and many more.

Uniting Communities undertakes energy policy development and advocacy on behalf of the national UnitingCare network, who has proposed the development of a “DNA approach” to network regulation, where DNA is an acronym for “Deliberation, Negotiation and Agreement.” This perspective underpins our submission.

We believe that this is one of the first regulatory proposals to seriously demonstrate consumer focussed engagement that has been subsequently integrated into the final proposal lodged with the Regulator. For us this is a ‘no shocks’ regulatory proposal, an approach and attitude that we hope sets the approach for future network business regulatory proposals. It is a proposal prepared with significant, meaningful consumer and other stakeholder engagement.

While there are a couple of comments that follow that are not completely supportive of what AGN has proposed, we expect that our comments will come as ‘no shock’ to them.
We commend AGN on this Access Arrangement proposal and commend them on their keenness to engage with stakeholders, including consumers and to do so in a consistent and trust building manner.

See full proposal here: AER re AGN Vic AA, Submission