Community Engagement Handbook – Practical Techniques and Tools – For Energy Networks – Written by Peter Kenyon

Uniting Communities, Inc. (UC) has been actively promoting consumer engagement as the basis for efficient network revenue decisions since the 2012 network regulation rules changes. We  subsequently promoted this consumer engagement through leadership in the Australian Energy Regulator’s “Better Regulation” processes of 2013. These processes developed the first consumer engagement guidelines for utility regulation in… Read the full article

ElectraNet Electricity Transmission Draft Revenue Decision & Revised Revenue Proposal

In our response to the initial ElectraNet regulatory proposal for 2018-23, we said: “Uniting Communities was invited to be a member of the ElectraNet consumer advisory panel in July – August 2015, and we were pleased to accept the invitation. We advised ElectraNet of our willingness to participate and also informed them of the recently… Read the full article