Presentations & Submissions (Energy)

ElectraNet Electricity Transmission Draft Revenue Decision & Revised Revenue Proposal

In our response to the initial ElectraNet regulatory proposal for 2018-23, we said: “Uniting Communities was invited to be a member of the ElectraNet consumer advisory panel in July – August 2015, and we were pleased to accept the invitation. We advised ElectraNet of our willingness to participate and also informed them of the recently… Read the full article

Australian Gas Networks, AER Draft determination and AGN Revised Final Plan for Victoria and Albury Access Arrangement 2018-22

Uniting Communities supports the Australian Gas Networks revised Access Arrangement proposal, recognising that AGN has accepted all elements of the AER’s draft decision. The AGN approach to the Draft Decision provides a useful basis upon which the mechanics of some type of ‘fast track’ process could be considered in the near future. We highlight our… Read the full article