Uniting Communities was invited to be a member of the ElectraNet consumer advisory panel in July – August 2015, and we were pleased to accept the invitation. We advised ElectraNet of our willingness to participate and also informed them of the recently released, at the time, report dealing with network regulatory reform that has just been released through uniting care Australia. The report was titled “the DNA approach to network regulation,” where DNA was an acronym for deliberation, negotiation and agreement. We told ElectraNet that we were keen to explore some of the ideas raised in this paper. They also signalled an interest in developing the regulatory proposal in a manner that gave it a high likelihood of being accepted by stakeholders, including the Regulator.

The collegiality demonstrated by ElectraNet in developing their regulatory proposal has been deeply appreciated by Uniting Communities and we are accepting of their regulatory proposal as reasonable and certainly developed in good faith with significant efforts being made to engage consumer and stakeholder views. We certainly feel that we been taken seriously over the nearly 2 years since we first talked about this particular regulatory proposal.

View the full proposal here: AER ElectraNet electricity transmission revenue proposal 2018-23